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Notion India is a small community of Notioners spread across the country who love working with Notion and sharing insights with fellow Notioners. Join us on this journey to discover a lot of new things about Notion and become a part of us! The group is run by a couple of Notioners just like you, and we are part of Notion's official communities across the world!

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May 2, 2021 May 2nd, 2021 ****→ Folks, we are putting together a special little get-together on May 2nd, 4:30 PM IST. Join the through the Jitsi link, https://meet.jit.si/NotionIndia




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Some Ideas We Have For Meetups! Online for now.

  1. Chai par Charcha

    A light conversation over chai/coffee discussing who are we with some introductions. Getting to know fellow users. Discussing further plans and getting feedback on our current meetup plan. This would help set a benchmark as to how many users are interested to meet and where are they from.

  2. Showcase your system

    A presentation styled meetup where folks from different communities present their views on creating an effective system for web and application. And, how Notion helps them pen it all down creatively and effectively in a distributed team environments. At each meetup, we can start with introductions. 2 talks, a networking break and lightening sessions in the end. 5-minute sessions where people show and tell their Notion workspaces.

  3. Build and Learn

    Folks spending time together building something on Notion or through Notion. Something like an interactive workshop. Where both beginners and advanced users get together into teams for building a roadmap for an imaginary company idea that we give or internal docs for an engineering team or onboarding for new employees. This would help people learn new skills that they wouldn't earlier, have a great time and build something that they can cherish.